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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Hello Folks,

If you find corruption nauseating then we are in the same league, with the help of this blog we want to make a difference. Here we plan to report stories of corruption big or small, and hopefully bring them to the attention of the authoritizes, and pressurize them to initiate action against the guilty parties.

Email (corruptionwatch /at/ hotmail /dot/ com) us whatever stories of corruption you have. We will try to put them on this blog. We have to fight together and help each other, if we ever want this menace to end.

If you decide to put up stories in your own blog, still let us know, we will trackback your blog.

Remember, we need to shape our own destiny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corruption in BMTC

BMTC has awarded a tender to a company called LVSE Bangalore for lcd panels inside the bmtc volvo busses they have not called for any tender and awarded all 25 busses calling it a pilot project for 1 year. For the outside buses stickering only 1 bus was given as pilot project, and finally the outside stickering tender was finalized at around 45000rs. But the lcd panel display rights was given away at only 18000rs per bus. It costs around 250$ for each of the 29” LCD advertising display panels (this is not lcd tv this is a LCD advertising display panel). If LVSE charges say 5000rs for a 30sec slot per month for a bus then it makes 6,00,000 six lakhs a month while bmtc makes only 18000rs. If this kind of corruption stops then may be it will run much more efficiently and can charge the passengers a lot less.

11:52 AM  

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